What we do

We train teachers in the best practice educational approaches aligned with existing educational research and our collective years of experience and expertise. We train Early Career Teachers, Practicing teachers and practicing leaders in situ in Cambodia. Our approach is centred around Content-specific knowledge and pedagogy. We train teachers in expertise in both domains. Broadly, speaking we take a constructivist approach and favour active, group and student-centred learning approaches. This approach is in line with existing expertise in country around Direct Instruction and teacher-centred pedagogies. 


"Volunteering for TAB is very rewarding, both personally and professionally. It’s a great opportunity to help others develop their teaching practice and to perhaps make a difference to the outcomes of their students. The warmth shown by the Cambodian Teachers is really touching. Their is also a great spirit of collegiality amongst the presenters!"

"The experience teaching in Cambodia with TAB is inspiring, purposeful and life changing.
It isn’t easy but I am so inspired by the wonderful and giving people I have met both teachers and students. I have been to Kampong Thom on two occasions and loved the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by people with so little who never fail to smile and be thankful."


"I would recommend this experience and adventure to every teacher!"