Get Involved

As a volunteer organisation we always are in need of the following four things:

1. Teachers to volunteer their time and expertise 

2. Donations and fundraising events

3. Promotion and help with spreading the word

4. Expertise contributions to our executive board

What it looks like

We run teacher training workshops, not too dissimilar to educational conferences in Australia. Our common approach to teaching and learning will be covered in the online induction process that runs alongside our face-to-face (usually via Video conferencing) personal engagement and online correspondence. 

Our work, is centred around these four pillars:

Classroom: Run 4 hour long workshops for a week on your content area and areas of interest in line with the Cambodian national curriculum.

Cultural:  Engage with teachers from Cambodia and grow in awareness and understanding of their situation and difficulties. 

Collaboration: Working with fellow teachers to develop, tweak, reflect upon and improve workshop material and content.

Connections: Developing lifelong connections with Khmer and Australian teachers and building global connections across borders.

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