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Workshops 2014

on August 17th, 2018 at 9:32:34 PM

Dear friends of TAB Australia,
Soou-sdey from Battambang!
A just a short diary to keep in touch..........
Sunday 5th January
We've travelled from different States and on different flights, but we've all arrived with the same goal in mind. The roads have been very bumpy and washed away in parts after floods in December. Some of us have already been sightseeing, others have rested up after the busy year and others are now enjoying exploring the cafes and markets of Battambang. The challenge is out to find a good coffee!!! Skirts are being made, as well as shirts, so that we'll all be ready to dress respectfully when we begin workshops on Wednesday. Teacher resources have been purchased and planning is underway in our workshop teams. School visits have been made by tuk tuk, and as always the children are beautiful and full of life and hope for the future.

Sue and Jo have already been training up some of the Cambodian teachers identified during 2013 workshops as being enthusiastic trainers and presenters These teachers become part of our workshops as they hone the skills and strategies that Jo and Sue have already practised with them.

The team is large this year with a huge array of skills. It is very humbling to share in such a large pool of expertise. We are looking forward to meeting our Cambodian colleagues. It will be great sharing both common and different aspects of teaching with them.

The key to our time here is to be flexible as we teach in a different cultural setting. Some of our workshops haven't got translators as yet! There's always tomorrow!!

We'll keep in touch as time permits. Once we are in teaching mode the pace of life steps up a few notches and very early starts need afternoon snoozes as well as planning and debriefing meetings.

Back to the diary! Thursday 9th
Hello once more!

Our workshops are now underway. Each morning at seven a.m. we travel in tuk tuks to the teachers' centre to present our workshops. Two coaches bring teachers from outlying villages.
Others arrive by Moto or bicycle. It is hot and the mosquitoes greet us as we swing open the shutters and doors to begin the day. The workshop teachers are all enthusiastic and we do our best to communicate with the help of translators. Some of us have had stomach issues with different foods and others are ready to help out if they need to rest and restore health.

Venn diagrams help us all compare same and different teaching strategies and resources in our school situations. We look forward to continued sharing with our Cambodian colleagues over the seven workshop days.

When we return our lives will be enriched with having given and received from our colleagues in Cambodia.

We have 325 Cambodian teachers, 10 translators, 19 train the trainer trainees and 33 teachers from Australia running 13 workshops for 7 days from 8-15th January.

Till next diary note.......
Bye for today,

Marg and Brian Allen
From the 2014 January team in Battambang, Cambodia.