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Last letter from Marg Allen January 2014

on August 17th, 2018 at 9:31:28 PM

One more day to go and our workshops will be over. We've been immersed in local culture, woken up by kids playing in the streets at night, horns tooting, wedding music at top volume and even the baker next door at 4.30 am, making the daily baguettes, with chopping noises rhythmically pounding the dough.

Sharing in workshops is now a two sided conversation as we draw together our teaching and learning strategies, and work out our common goals in our classrooms.
It will be exciting to visit next year and see new strategies being tried in classrooms.
Wednesday we have the Closing Ceremony where certificates are presented to participants, group photos taken, phone numbers or email addresses exchanged and final resources given out to teachers. Our cases will be much lighter on the trip home!

In Australia we have so much in material goods and our giving to others can be easy. As we reflect on our time in Cambodia who will gain more?

Life will never be quite the same when we return home.
There will be sad goodbyes with our Cambodian friends till next January comes round again.

Thank you to our many friends and family who have supported our journey of sharing and teaching with colleagues in Cambodia. Many children will benefit from your support.

Marg and Brian Allen