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Battambang Workshop January 2013 blog

on August 17th, 2018 at 9:32:23 PM


Dear Friends,
Our time in Cambodia is coming to a close. Today we had a break from our workshops and did some sightseeing.  The bamboo train is a popular trip sitting on a flat bamboo tray used to pick up goods between farms.  It is rather bone jarring and very dusty! It travels right into the farming centre down all the back tracks.  A great way to immerse yourself into local culture.
Workshops are going well with participants starting to ask questions about their teaching. Rote learning doesn't allow for thinking so we've been encouraging teachers to use thinking strategies in their classrooms.
Unfortunately we've had some illness amongst the team but it has been fantastic to have other presenters step in and help share the workshops.  A flexible team of great people!
There's been a wedding set up in the street next door to our hotel and plenty of extremely loud music making our hotel rooms vibrate.
The power has been off for two days and we're grateful that the hotel has a generator.
Our friends here are always welcoming and we love seeing how the city has changed, including small changes in education.
We'll save this email for the return of power and then send it to you.Trust that this newsletter finds you well and not too hot back in Australia.
Best regards from the TAB Battambang team 2013.